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The Chester Stress Clinic


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Reiki Therapy
Training Courses and Attunments.
Bring Healing, Balance & Harmony to yourself and others.

Reiki Therapy.

What's involved?
You just relax fully clothed for about 40 minutes.
The Thetapist places their hands gently on CHAKRA points and you will feel a warm glow comming from them. Clients often fall asleep. All this as you are recieving the wonderful enegy guided to you by Universal Wisdom.

Reiki Courses.
Simple, proven, practical techiques for:
Stress Release, Creativity,
Personal Growth & Tranformation.

Reiki I...60 pounds 'Simplicity'

This is an introduction to the Usui system of Reiki.
You learn how to offer hands on healing to yourself and others. You recieve 4 personal attunements, a manual and certificate.

Reiki II...75 pounds 'Balance'

Learn the Reiki symbols and their uses-including distance healing. You will recieve 2 further attunments, a manual and certificate.

Reiki III...90 pounds 'Master/Teacher'
Also available.

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Reiki is a Japanese word. Rei means 'Universal wisdom' Ki means 'Life energy'. Reiki is therefore vital life energy guided by Universal Wisdom.
It is a powerful tool for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and balancing whilst greatly enhancing growth...

Reiki can be used to treat anything on any level and an effective method of maintaining a balanced well-being.

A non-invasive healing method where the practitioner channels universal energy to the recipient.

It is my calling as a Reiki Master of the Usui System of Natural Healing, to 'spread the word and the light'
which is why I am committed to offering low cost attunments on either a 'one to one basis' or as part of a group.

Qualified Therapists.
Members of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.